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Celtic Lovespoons are gifts cherished by friends and loved ones. Lovespoon collections adorn the walls

My deep gratefulness for your unfailing assitance, nevertheless more importantly, for our alliance.

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of homes throughout the world. Symbols carved into lovespoons have meanings that make the lovespoon an ideal gift for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, baptisms, and birthdays. The lovespoon is always an appropriate expression of friendship or affection.

The Celtic lovespoon dates back to the 16th century. In Wales, a young man carved the first lovespoon as an offer to marry his Celtic lass. The lovespoon was established as a Celtic symbol of betrothal.

It was in the 20th century that symbols were added to the lovespoon. The lovespoon evolved into a traditional gift for a wedding , anniversary, birthday, engagement or any occasion to express friendship or affection.

Each lovespoon on these pages is an original carving sculpted by Paul, your Celtic lovespoon carver.

Your Celtic lovespoon will arrive with a gift card explaining the history of the lovespoon , and the meaning of the lovespoon symbols.

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Celtic Lovespoon Symbols

Single Heart

Friendship or Love Expressed

Linked Hearts

Love Shared and Returned

Linked Rings

A Promise Shared

Celtic Knot

Forever Lasting


Wishing Faith in Life


Wishing Christ's Presence in Life


Wishing the Holy Spirits Presence in Life

Treble Clef

Wishing Harmony in Life


A Wish for Good Fortune and Luck


Celebration of a Birth or Adoption

Christmas Tree

Celebration of Christmas

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